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1.      Any cancellations and rescheduling of visit can be made not earlier than 24 hours’ to the booked visit. It is further understood that if the Customer fail to attend, or cancel/reschedule an appointment earlier than 24-hours’ to the booked visit, we will not refund the Deposit.

2.      Any other Cancellations of on-line booked visits will be accepted and the Deposit will be refunded, however the Customer will incur an Administration Fee of 5£ (Credit/Debit Cards Payment Fee).

3.      Rescheduling is not a subject of Administration fee only if it is made not earlier than 24 hours’ to the booked visit. Rescheduling can be done twice only, then the booking will be canceled.

4.      If SMK Handyman is unable to gain access to the Customer’s premises to carry out the Works, the Customer will be liable to pay a minimum amount equivalent to the 1 hour charge. This shall apply irrespective of the Works having been booked by the Customer or by someone acting on the Customers behalf e.g. tenant.

5.     If SMK Handyman fail to attend the Customer in scheduled time, the visit can be rescheduled only with Customer agreement, or his deposit taken for the missed visit will be refunded to the Customer in full amount.