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How to hang a new door in an existing frame

If an ordinary door in your home is damaged, it will no doubt need to be replaced. There’s no need to buy an expensive pre-finished door. You can save money by purchasing a door slab and simply replace your existing door.


Remove the existing door. This can be done by removing the screws on the hinges or completely unscrew the hinges of the door frame.

Measure your door and buy the same size from your local hardware store. A standard door height is 80” and the width can vary (26”, 28”, 30”, etc.) If your door is shorter, just cut them 1/8 on either side. Removing additional material can weaken the structural integrity of the door.

Use your existing door as a template for the location of the hinge. Mark the areas in which the hinges should go. The barrel of each hinge should extend at least 1/8 of the surface outside of the door in its inner edge. Hollow core doors have 2 hinges and solid doors require 3. If the door is over 84”, it will require 4 hinges.

Use the chisel to carve the door section that marks for you where the hinges will rest. Hinges should be flush with the surface of the door when finished. This can also be done with a router.

Installation of the hinges on the door should be done with a drill. Be sure to bring all the screws so they are flush.

Reinstall the new door in the existing framework. If you have completely removed the hinges, then replace the door frame. If you removed the screws, then reinsert them. This activity requires the assistance of another person to maintain and stabilise the door to align it with the door frame and hinges.

If the door does not fit properly, you may need to plane the edges of the door. Remove the door frame and use the existing door as a template and then plane the door so as to have the same shape.


Drill and chisel out openings for the doorknob and follow the manufacturer's instructions to install.

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